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Emma Realistic Toys

Waldorf Doll Bella

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Emma Realistic Toys - Waldorf Doll


Cotton, Holofayber, Cotton knitwear, Mohair wool


Height: 14 Inches


A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a from of doll used in Waldorf education.

This doll is a perfect gift for a little girl. It will looks wonderful in a child's room!

That is a textile doll specially created to teach your child for a gentle and kind relationship.

Playing with such a doll, your child will develop the correct perception of the world, he will learn how to be attentive to himself and to others. Also it will be solved the problem of occupation, because your son or your child will play with the right, high quality toys.

The doll is made of natural materials, but it is filled with synthetic hypoallergenic and safe material, that is why after washing it won’t be deformed. Hairs are made of the natural wool, it can be combed . Eyes are embroidered with cotton threads.

Hair made from yarn "Adele" mohair-bakle, produced in South Africa, spun and dyed by hand.

The doll is completely handmade.

The doll is made of natural materials: from Dutch cotton knitwear, hullfiber stuffer-Soft, clothes made from colored cotton, linen and wool.

Made with care and love at home .

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